Hanrun® Heat Press Machine for T shirt


Pneumatic single station heat press

-Pneumatic pressure, adjustable pressure

-Can set up automatic/semi-automatic/manual operation

-Digital display thermostatic control system

-Accurate temperature control (±1°C)

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Hanrun® Paper Industrial Co., Ltd

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We are one-stop of sublimation transfer printing supplier.We can offer you sublimation transfer paper price very competitive.We not only have a variety of inks: EPSON original inks, mimakia inks, etc., there are many sublimation printers, printer accessories and so on. Pay more attention to us and you can know more.



Product detail 


Heat transfer temperature time setting:

1. Sublimation Heat Transfer - Temperature: 220°C, time: 20 seconds

2. Film heat transfer - temperature: 160~180°C, time: 8~10 seconds

3. 3D heat transfer - temperature: 140~160°C,time: 5~8 seconds

4. Hot drilling - temperature: 180 °C, time: 10 ~ 12 seconds

5. Iron plate - Temperature: 180°C, Time: 30 seconds




1. The rack is laser cut from the whole plate, no welding spot

2. High-quality aluminum heating plate, electric heating tube and plate body pouring as one, rapid heat transfer, uniform heating, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Single-table integrated temperature control, automatic electronic timing, automatic alarm sounds sent out after completion of the process.

4. The use of mechanical electrical components, imported pneumatic components, precise movement and durability.

5. Push-pull table, precision guide rails, worktable is not tilted when pressed, high-strength optical axis, long-term use does not wear, advanced design of the rail seat, close contact and can be fine-tuned, will not cause the hot parts biased.

6. Workbench paste high-performance imported elastic foam silicone, soft flat does not harden.

7. Single station design, installation space is smaller.

8. Easy to operate, widely used in factory assembly line operations.


Applicable to: clothing T-shirts, backpacks, scarves, ties, home textiles, ceramics, mouse pads, metal pendants, travel caps, cups and so on.Applicable to: clothing T-shirts, backpacks, scarves, ties, home textiles, ceramics, mouse pads, metal pendants, travel caps, cups and so on.


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