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What's the trends future of digital transfer printing in Fespa Berlin Show?

Trends in Fespa Berlin Show-Dye Sublimation Printing

What's the trends future of digital transfer printing in Fespa Berlin Show?

Congratuations! Fespa Berlin finished, the show was great! The trends of the digital textile is direct sublimation printing and sublimation transfer printing. 

Today we talk about sublimation transfer printing, it's not traditional sublimation printing. We talk about the industrial dye sublimation printing. 

From the show, we find there are many industrial dye sublimation printer. MS printer still use his family decoration. 

In this show, MS promote the classical printer model, MS JP4, MS JP7. 


Next, we found the Mimaki show his No.1 industrial dye sublimation printer, Mimaki Tiger-1800B.



This printer first appear is in SHANGHAITEX 2017, 354sqm/hour, so fast printing speed. Behiend the printer, there is a master roll loading on it for continously feeding. 

Then, we look at the Efi Reggiani booth. Obviously, the industrial dye sublimation printer show in printing. 

And, we also look our China brand Homer show his industrial printer printing master sublimation paper roll

industrial sublimation printer China (1).jpg

China supplier start to have our own technical for this kind of printer. Know that many of guys has use this kind of printer for production. 


We also find there is a new company show his master sublimation paper roll length 10000m, loading on NoeCha Roll2 printer do continously printing. Cool, 10000m master roll will get the digital dye sublimation printing into a new generation.

Look at the master roll 10000m 


Well, the industrial dye sublimation printing become the trends of digital textile printing. Many of people start to get a share in this field, dye sublimation printer, dye sublimation ink and dye sublimation paper obviously. 

China is seen as the worldwide factory, can supply best value products. We offer industrial master roll sublimation paper for international famous brand industrial printer like MS, Durst, Efi Reggiani, etc. 


sublimation paper jumbo roll (6).jpg

We supply industrial dye sublimation printer paper for several years. We have customer in USA, Europe, South Aisa buy our master roll of sublimation paper. The feedback is great!


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