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DTF Printing Guide: The Best Choice for Garment Printing

24 Feb,2023

DTF printing, also known as direct-to-film printing, is a printing process in which a design is printed on a special transfer film and then transferred to the fabric by heat press. It can perfectly restore the color of the pattern on various color substrates and is suitable for printing on fabrics of various materials.


How Does DTF Printing Fair Against Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing

30 Jan,2023

Many people are curious about the Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing technique, which has recently made a breakthrough in t-shirt printing technology. What capabilities does the DTF offer that other printing technologies can't match? How does the DTF fare against heat transfer vinyl technology, given that it uses an adhesive to fabric technique?


The difference between Ecosolvent and DTF

30 Jan,2023

There are often various patterns on the T-shirts we wear every day, and we can clearly see that the effects of the patterns printed by different printing processes are different. For example, the flocking printing company, the printed pattern is three-dimensional, and has the effect of imitating plush, and digital direct injection can perfectly print the desired complex pattern with relatively small color difference. The heat transfer printing process is also relatively common.


DTF Printer Common Faults and Solutions

30 Jan,2023

When you have a DTF (direct-to-film) printer, you need to maintain and look after the machine regularly to prolong the life of the printer and produce consistent, high quality textile prints. When a printer is not working properly it can lead to workflow interruptions, printer damage, job delays and lost revenue.


Maintenance of DTF printer

30 Jan,2023

DTF printers need ink for printing, and waste ink will also appear during the printing process. At this time, the waste ink cartridges must be cleaned up in time.


Differences of DTF with DTG and White Toner

30 Jan,2023

In the last news, we talked about 3 points of the DTF(Our DTF transfer film). Today, Hanrun will continue our topic. If you haven't read last news, please click here to read part 1.

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