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Drupa 2024 Highlights: Hanrun Paper Showcases Printing Innovations

03 Jun,2024

As the global printing industry sets its sights on the printing technology extravaganza of Drupa 2024, top international decision-makers in the industry gather here to exchange views on the latest technological trends and breakthrough developments. Since the opening of the exhibition, Hanrun Paper's booth has been consistently bustling, attracting countless industry professionals and visitors.


New Product | Super A-1204 DTF Printer

10 Jul,2024

Digital printing technology is rapidly driving the evolution and expansion of industries. Particularly in apparel decoration and processing, a growing demand for personalization and efficient production has propelled rapid growth in global markets. We proudly introduce the Super A-1204 DTF Printer to meet these diverse market needs. This printer is the preferred choice for professional apparel printing factories aiming for fast and stable batch production.


Revolutionizing UV DTF Sticker Application with UV Roll-to-Roll Printers

05 Jul,2024

With the advancement of the market, the convenient application of UV DTF stickers has gained recognition and acceptance among a wide range of customers, while the application scenarios have become increasingly diverse. To meet the varied needs of different market segments, Hanrun Paper's technical team has dedicated efforts to develop the UV-H6003S Roll-to-Roll Printer. This product excels in its user-friendly application and versatile applicability, showcasing unprecedented production efficiency and outstanding finished product quality due to its integrated design of printing and lamination.


Unleashing Potential with UV DTF Stickers

03 Jul,2024

In recent years, at every advertising signage exhibition, UV DTF roll-to-roll printers have consistently drawn significant attention. UV DTF printers produce transfer stickers with vivid and rich patterns, strong three-dimensional effects, and the ability to adhere to various material surfaces, thereby enhancing product value and delivering unique visual appeal. Whether in custom signage or product decoration, UV DTF stickers demonstrate remarkable advantages and potential.


New Products | Large format Professional UV printer

28 Jun,2024

With the increasing use of energy-efficient LED lights and deepening environmental awareness among people, UV printing technology has been widely adopted in the large-format advertising printing industry. UV printing utilizes ultraviolet-cured inks that are free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), significantly reducing environmental pollution and becoming a model of modern green printing. Additionally, UV curing technology enables rapid drying, effectively enhancing production efficiency and accelerating the pace of large-scale production. To meet the environmental and diversified production needs of the advertising signage industry, Hanrun Paper introduces two new wide-format UV printers—H1603 UV Printer and H3204 UV Printer.


How to ensure the quality and stability of sublimation printing effects

26 Jun,2024

In modern printing technology, sublimation printing has gained increasing popularity in the textile printing field due to its outstanding color performance and excellent durability. This article explores how to ensure the quality and stability of sublimation printing, analyzing key factors from ink selection to the printing process.


Why is the DTF transfer missing details or the print incomplete?

21 Jun,2024

In today's modern printing and heat transfer industry, DTF (Direct to Film) printing technology is highly favored for its vibrant colors and exceptional visual effects. However, as market demands for quality and reliability continue to rise, the issue of residue left behind after DTF film transfer, particularly with special effect films, has become a significant concern for users. The peeling residue will cause the printed pattern to lose details or be incomplete, and affecting production quality. Why does residue appear after DTF film transfer? Today, let's delve into some key factors influencing the release properties of DTF films.


What to do when the DTF powder cannot be shaken clean?

19 Jun,2024

DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing technology has gained widespread popularity due to its simple operation, suitability for various materials and colors of fabrics, and the ability to mass-produce diverse designs. Hot melt powder is an essential consumable in DTF printing processes. During the powder shaking process using a powder shaker, DTF hot melt adhesive powder is evenly applied onto the patterns of DTF transfer films. These films are then heat-pressed onto garment fabrics, bonding the garments and printed patterns together. However, some users may encounter issues with unclean powder shaking during operations. This article analyzes possible reasons and proposes solutions to optimize the printing process.


UEFA Euro 2024: Seize New Marketing with UV Custom Printing

14 Jun,2024

The UEFA Euro 2024 kicks off today in Munich! This grand event is not just a feast of football but also a moment of unity and passion for people across nations. As a business owner, have you thought about how to stand out in such a major sports event and elevate your printing business to new heights? During such sports events, offering custom printing services presents an incredibly attractive profit opportunity. The Multifunctional UV Flatbed Printer can meet various customization needs, helping you rise quickly during the bustling season. Let's explore the marvelous world of UV custom printing together!


Analysis and Solutions for Sublimation Printer Malfunctions

11 Jun,2024

As a popular printing device, sublimation printers have attracted significant attention regarding their failure rates. Technicians from Hanrun Paper conducted surveys on several models of sublimation printers in the market. The results revealed that the failure rates mainly concentrate on the following aspects

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