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1.8m 4 heads I3200 Sublimation Printer

- 4 pcs Epson I3200 printheads
- Printing resolution up to 160m2/h - Stable sublimation printing quality
- Ink/paper shortage alarm system

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1.8m Sublimation Printer

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sublimation printer epson i3200 printer sublimation printing


Detailed Description

1.8m 4 heads Sublimation Printer

Hanrun Paper 1.8m 4 heads sublimation printer uses the all-aluminum ink stack self-developed, which is more reliable and durable. The printer has an automatic constant temperature drying system to ensure that the printing material is heated evenly and has good ink absorption, allowing a vivid and full printing effect.

The printer has a large-capacity ink shortage alarm system and intelligent reminder function, ensuring continuous ink supply. Also, it is equipped with a paper shortage alarm system and paper printing intelligent reminder, which is more convenient and safe to operate.

The sublimation printer has been designed to expand business opportunities with high-quality printing on a wide range of personalized products, lanyards, and heat transfer industry.



# 4 pcs Epson I3200 printheads

# The stable printing quality

# Large-capacity ink shortage alarm system

# Paper shortage alarm system

# Automatic constant temperature drying system

# The whole printer tested strictly, reliable, stable and can meet the needs of mass production.


Technical parameter:

  Product   4-head high speed sublimation printer  
  Printehead   4 pcs EPS I3200
  Printing resolution   2 Pass: 160m2/h    4 Pass: 90m2/h 
  Printing Width   1.9m
  Media type    Sublimation Transfer Paper  
  Heating system   Auto constant temperature drying system 
  Media Heating system   Intelligent infrared drying system
  Ink shortage alarm system   √
  Paper shortage alarm  system   √ 
  RIP software   Maintop, Riin, Photoprint(Optional)
  Temperature/Humidity   Temperature: 20-30°C, humidity: 45%-65%
  Power   Power: 230W, external drying: 2400W
  Machine dimension   L3040*W1080*H1810mm
  Package dimension   L3180*W840*H750mm
  Net weight   300KG
  Gross weight   380KG


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