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120gsm Super-Sheet Fast Dry Sublimation Paper

-A4/A3 size
-Single sheet for desktop users
-Highly cost effective
-Outstanding lay-flat performance

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Super Sheet Sublimation Paper

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sublimation paper A3/A4 sublimation paper sublimation mug high gram sublimation paper instatnt dry fast dry sublimation paper sublimation paper sheets


Detailed Description

Hanrun Paper® 120gsm Super-Sheet Fast Dry Sublimation Paper

The common sublimation papers are long roll papers in the form of rolls. In order to meet the needs of single sheets,we have launched the Super-Sheet series. We continuously research and develop Hanrun paper Super-Sheet paper to make surethis paper can meet different printer. The biggest advantage of this paper is good with quality and price. Meanwhile, italso can print with high ink coverage.


Key Product Features

# Single sheet for desktop users
# Highly cost effective
# Excellent line sharpness
# Outstanding lay-flat performance
# Exceptional quality consistency






120gsm extremely instant dry A4&A3 sublimation paper Specification


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