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70gsm Premium EVO Fast Dry Sublimation Paper

-Fast dry
-High speed printing
-Highest transfer yield
-Good runability with large productivity

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EVO Fast Dry Sublimation Paper

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sublimation paper fast dry sublimation sublimation printing transfer paper 70g sublimation


Detailed Description

Hanrun Paper® 70Gsm Premium EVO Fast Dry Sublimation Paper
When printers with different brands develop from one head to two heads, three heads, four heads, and six heads, HANRUN PAPER developed the EVO Fast Dry sublimation paper to meet the needs of high-speed printing. This paper use new paper base this time and it has ultra-high performance, can replace mostly 90g sublimation paper in the market, specially used for Epson sublimation printer.
Key Product Features
Fast dry
Highest transfer rate
Good runability with large productivity


# Fashion garment

# Home textile

# Househould products



70gsm Premium EVO Fast Dry Sublimation Paper Specification

70gsm EVO dye sublimation paper
Provide customized services and sample, if necessary, please contact us.
70gsm EVO dye sublimation paper


Machine:Epson F10000 Ink Load:300 ICC File:InkSub HR4C  Pressure:High Pressure 

Temperature:210℃ Time:30S  Cleaning Times:Unlimited Times

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