8-in-1 Heat Press Machine For Mug
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8-in-1 Heat Press Machine For Mug

Automatic by the electrical system
Touch Screen Panel+ Higher pressure
Top plate with triple thermal protection.

Product Category:

Manual Heat Press Machine

key word:

heat press machine mug printing 8 in 1


Detailed Description

8-in-1 Heat Press Machine For Mug


Transfer plate to personalize rigid using techniques such as sublimation or vinyl. Thanks to its 6 resistances it is possible to stamp a wide variety of cups, jugs, glasses and bottles. Very suitable for novices to start creating economically.

8-in-1 Heat Press Machine For Mug Hanrun Paper

Key Features

Solid metal structure, very resistant.
Manual opening and closing.
Interchangeable, conical and cylindrical heating elements of different sizes.
Resistance and guarantees the rapid and uniform transmission of heat.
Easily interchangeable. Simply tighten or loosen the screws by hand.



POWER 600W/1200W/1400W
MAX TEMP 0-250°
PRINTING AREA 15cm x 20cm(6"x8”)
  29cm x 38cm(12"x15”)
  38cm x 38cm(15"x15”)
PACKAGE SIZE 59.5x54.3x52.1cm


Instruction Manual

8-in-1 Heat Press Machine For Mug Process

Connect air pipe ,adjust preassure. when the machine has reached the desired temperature, Put objects on table,push it into machine,Press the two buttons on the left and right side,machine start to press down and time,when time is up,machine open automatic,pull out the table and pick up the objects.


Comply with these instructions
1. Do not put the wire on heating plates cover.
2. Do not touch heating plates when it is energized.Caution: Risk of burns.
3. Do not open the machine box and make changes to the device.
4. Do not allow liquid or metal objects inside the hot press.
5.Make ensure the machine is connected with a plug connected to the mass.
6. Don't pull the cable to disconnect the plug.
7.Power off he machine when finish using.
8. Use extreme caution when using near children.
9.Make sure that the device is used in an environment.


Package of Shipping


8-in-1 Heat Press Machine For Mug packaging Hanrun Paper


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