85Gsm ECO-Sublimation Paper
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85Gsm ECO-Sublimation Paper

- Fast drying speed
- Excellent production performances
- Superior ink absorbing ability
- Ultra dimensional stability

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ECO Sublimation Paper

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sublimation paper transfer paper sublimation sublimation printing epson sublimation ECO sublimation paper


Detailed Description

Hanrun Paper® 85Gsm ECO-Sublimation Paper

Hanrun paper ECO-Sublimation paper is capable of taking a very high ink load without compromising fast drying time. Our unique base paper reduces cockling and simultaneously offers great dimensional stability.Because of continuous technological research and development, this paper also has a significant role in environmental protection. Its ability to take heavy ink loads allows the reproduction of deep blacks and vivid colors required in applications such as garments, illuminated signage, and outdoor banners.
This paper also features FSC certification which ensures that the company's products and processes comply with global best practices in a range of environmental, safety, and quality issues.

Key Features
● Fast drying speed
● Excellent production performances
● Superior ink absorbing ability
● Ultra dimensional stability


ECO Sublimation Paper application



85gsm ECO Sublimation Paper Specification

Provide customized services and sample, if necessary, please contact us.

Jumbo roll/large format size acceptable.

ECO sublimation paper printing transferring process


Machine:Atexco Model X   Ink Load:200 ICC File:InkSub HR4C

Pressure:High Pressure    Temperature:210℃ Time:30S 


sublimation paper factory

85 GSM ECO sublimation paper production process

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