B1200 DTF Powder Shaker


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B1200 DTF Powder Shaker

- Automatic inductive
- Powderand amount control
- Air Suction adjustment
- 2 rows cold fans

Hanrun Paper® B1200 DTF Powder Shaker

In order to meet the needs of DTF technical garment production, Hanrun paper have launched the DTF printer PRO-A1200. At the same time, we also developed this B1200 powder shaker machine. The width of 1200mm means that the efficiency and speed of powder shaking and drying is twice as fast as before, which improves production flexibility and costs less than DTG technology.




Powder shaker machine B1200
  Model B1200
  Available width 0- 1200mm
  Applicable media Nylon, chemical fiber, cotton, leather, swimsuit,
diving suit, PVC, EVA .etc
  Powder control Powder shack control, Powderand amount control .etc
  Heat and dry function Front heat plate ,top dryer fixation, 2 rows cold fans
  Media transmission NEW conveyor belt type
  Take upfunction Automatic inductive
  Electrical parameters Rated voltage 220V,Rated current 27A,
Rated power 5.9KW,
Energy consumption 2.5KW-5.9KW
  Size Machine size 2042.95*1772*1075.5mm,
Package size2014*1850*1213mm
  Weight G.W 410kg      N.W 350kg




Washing labels for garments

Fashion clothes(most kinds of garments and no need to distinguish colors)

Personalized customization

# Customzied wood products 



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