B603 DTF Powder Shaker
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B603 DTF Powder Shaker
B603 DTF Powder Shaker
B603 DTF Powder Shaker
B603 DTF Powder Shaker
  • B603 DTF Powder Shaker
  • B603 DTF Powder Shaker
  • B603 DTF Powder Shaker
  • B603 DTF Powder Shaker

B603 DTF Powder Shaker

-Suitable for 4-head high-speed printer
-Reduce the possibility of arching deformation
-Constant temperature heating
-Efficient drying rate adapts to 4-head printer

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DTF Printer

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Detailed Description

Hanrun Paper® B603 DTF Powder Shaker


In addition to printing speed, another critical factor determining DTF printer's production efficiency is the working efficiency of the powder shaker. You may need to dry the film before rewinding after printing the white ink and sprinkling the hot melt powder. Ordinary powder shaker drying can't adapt to the high-speed printing speed of the 4-head machine, so we developed B603 Powder Shaker with overall improved performance. It has an extended mesh belt and an efficient suction platform, effectively increasing the speed and preventing the film from arching. The inside of the tunnel is heated at a constant temperature and is evenly heated, which can ensure that the film does not buckle during the drying process. You can boost your production efficiency and quality using a combination of PRO600 4 head DTF printer and B603 powder shaker machine.



B603 DTF Powder Shaker
  Model B603 (4 heads)
  Power 7.8 KW
  Power shaker Dimensions L2306*W1092*H1101mm
  Net weight 210kg
  Match model A 4-head 600mmDTF printer
  Temperature control scope 0-170°C
  Speed regulation range Synchronize with printer speed
  Maximum heating pipe power 6pcs*1kw
  Medium width 0-600mm
  Method of transmission Two kinds: tractor + belt belt transmission
  Automatic volume collection
  Powder loading method Manually apply powder on the top; automatically control the direction and amount of powder
  Powder recycling method Bottom powder box, manually recycle the powder
  Air suction device
  Front preheating plate
  Consumption Energy consumption 3-6.8KW
  Work environment 20-30° C  45-70%RH




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