B604 DTF Powder Shaker With Automatic Powder Recycle System


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B604 DTF Powder Shaker With Automatic Powder Recycle System

- Automatic Powder Recycle
- Easy to operate, labor saving
- Extended Tunnel Design
- High-end Control Panel

Hanrun Paper® B604 DTF Powder Shaker With Automatic Powder Recycle System

In order to further enhance the efficiency of DTF printer, we have upgraded the powder shaker to solve the tedious process of manual powder recovery in the past. 


An automatic powder recovery system has been installed inside the powder shaker. A filter has been added to filter out unnecessary dust and impurities on the powder, so the recovered hot-melt powder is cleaner. It can effectively improve the utilization rate of hot melt powder, making the operation of the machine more time-saving and labor-saving than before, and you can get the maximum benefit most simply.


Our B604 machine can perfectly fit PRO-A600 double head DTF printer.



B604 Automatic Powder Recycle DTF Powder Shaker
  Model B604 
  Rated voltage AC220V,50/60Hz    AC110V^0/60Hz
  Rated Power 6.8KW
  Match model 2-head 600mm DTF printer
  Applicable industries Clothing stores, printing shops, garment factories, traders and processors, etc
  Medium width 0-600mm
  Core Components Intelligent temperature controller, Display screen of main control board, motor, Head board
  Weight Gross Weight: 428KG      Net Weight: 313KG
  Product Size 2240mmX1180mmX 1220(mm)
  Packing Size

2280mmX1170mmX1385 (mm)

  Work environment 18-28°C   40-80%RH
  Warranty The whole machine is guaranted for one year, * excluding shipping




Automatic Powder  Recycle: You can add more powder at one time; Powder more than 5kg can last for 1-2 days.

- Extended Tunnel Design: Longer tunnels can be used with faster printers for higher output efficiency

High-end Control Panel: Smart thermostat, adjustable powder spreading intensity and belt speed,
- Labor saving: High-efficiency powder shaker, and adjust the drying intensity according to the printing speed




Washing labels for garments

# Fashion clothes(most kinds of garments and no need to distinguish colors)

Personalized customization

# Customzied wood products 



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