Biodegradable Water-based Polymer Coated Food Wrapping Paper


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Biodegradable Water-based Polymer Coated Food Wrapping Paper

- 100% virgin wood pulp, food-grade material
- None PFOA, PFOS, silicone-free
- Good air permeability, greaseproof
- Bio-degradable and recyclable

When using food wrapping paper, the food safety of paper and its impact on the environment is becoming increasingly important, as environmentally-friendly packaging is becoming the new standard. Now Hanrun paper offers a new take on wrapping paper: water-based polymer-coated food greaseproof paper.

Unlike most food wrapping papers on the market that use oil proofing agents or silicone coating, Hanrun Paper’s water-based food wrapping paper does not contain harmful substances such as PFOA, PFOS and mineral oil. And this food paper is recyclable and biodegradable, unlike PE coated paper and wax paper, which are not recyclable and biodegradable.

Water-based food wrapping paper also has good air permeability. The coating keeps grease and moisture out, but is porous enough to allow steam to escape when heating. It is more suitable for packaging hot oily fast food such as french fries, popcorn, fried chicken, burgers, etc.



Ecological Material: 100% virgin wood pulp, food-grade material
None PFOA, PFOS, silicone-free
• Good air permeability, greaseproof and breathability
• Can be used in freezer, oven or mircowave up to 180°C/356°F
Bio-degradable and recyclable
• Customize size available for different occasions
Meets SGS/FSC certification; Compliance with local food contact regulations (US FDA / Europe EU standards)
Widely used in the mainstream fast food industry



Raw material 100% original wood pulp
Standard gram weight(GSM) 33g
Colour Natural color
Available size Roll size, sheet size
Delivery size According to customer needs
Sample According to customer needs

*Other sizes are available, please contact us for details.



• Suitable for fast food industry, food stalls to wrapping burgers, sandwiches, chips, tacos, pizzas, etc
• It is not only for your kitchen, it can also be used in the picnic and decorative snacks
• Restaurant


Food Paper Q&A

Q1: What is PFOA? 
A: PFOA is a synthetic chemical that accumulates in the body after being absorbed, affecting the normal metabolism and reproduction of the human body;

Q2: What is PFOS? 
A: PFOS is a refractory organic pollutant that impacts human health and living environment;

Q3: Why does the packaged hamburger taste bad after heating? 
A: During the heating process of food with "packing", a large amount of steam will be generated. The steam cannot be distributed in time, which will cause the food to not keep its soft taste.

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