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EVO 75μ Hot peel DTF Film

-Size: A4, A3, 60cmx100m/roll
-Adapt to different humidity and temperature
-Hot peel in seconds
-Highly cost effective

DTF film(direct to film, direct transfer film), which is a new technology for t-shirt heat transfer-digital offset heat transfer, you can use our DTF printer to freely print the pattern designed on the PET film, then cover the printed pattern on the T-shirt with polyamide powder and bake the pattern to melt the polyamide powder, and then transfer it to various colors of pure cotton or cotton-polyester blended fabric, canvas cotton and other products using a heat transfer machine or electric ironing.

It can be used for custom jerseys, team wear, work wear, advertising jerseys, jerseys, bags and other fields. The transferred image has color retention and resistance to multiple washes.

This 75μm DTF EVO DTF transfer film is especially suitable for our DTF printer and DTF ink, and has transferred patterns with higher precision and more vivid colors, and is designed to meet customer requirements for hot-spinning, which can greatly improve the efficiency and operability of production.



Fast and easy
Highly profitable
Suitable for medium ink volume
Easy printing with 3 passes
Environmentally friendly and suitable for pigment ink.
* It is suitable for most fabrics such as pure cotton, polyester-cotton, Lycra, polyester, other blended fabrics, non-woven fabrics, Oxford fabrics, etc. It can be thrown away immediately after the transfer.
* Attention: When transferring to rough and hard fabrics, you must wait about 6 seconds before pulling the film.




How to apply the DTF technique on textiles?





Matters needing attention

-Storage environment: Relative humidity 35-65%, temperature 10-30°C, sealed indoor storage, avoid direct sunlight, shelf life 1 year.

-Precautions for washing:

We recommend washing the transferred T-shirts separately with ordinary detergent and cold water.

Do not mix with other clothes at the same time.

Do not dry clean or bleach.

Dry them immediately after washing. Or use a dryer to dry.

After washing, if the image shows signs of shedding, you can cover the image with greaseproof paper and iron it again. Do not iron the transfer part directly with an iron.


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