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Golden DTF Film

- Golden metal glitter effect
- No need to change printer or ink
- High ink absorption, no ink-bleeding
- Soft hand feel

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DTF Film

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Detailed Description

Golden DTF Film

Hanrun Paper began investing in DTF digital research and development in early 2020, and obtained the patent for DTF film (patent number: ZL202110519575.4).

Now we launched DTF new product - Golden DTF Film. This film is coated with golden glitter, which gives you more choices and a better application range for DTF printing by providing a luxurious and shiny golden metal, bronzing and foil effect on your design.

You can print on Hanrun paper® Golden DTF Film directly with your existing DTF printer and DTF ink, without changing any consumable or DTF printer setting. This Golden DTF Film works on T-shirts, bags, shoes, socks and other materials, provides you intense sparkle and shine to your prints. The new product has the advantages of glitter effect, high ink absorption, no ink-bleeding, easy peel, and washable.



  Size  30/45/60/80/120cm*100m, A3/A4 sheet size
  Thickness   75μ
  Peel   Cold peel
  Baking temperature   120℃
  Heat press 165℃, 12s (Double pressing to increase wash resistance)
  Ink load 350%(720*1800)
  Application   T-shirts, bags, shoes, socks, leather and more



● Single-side cold peel

● Golden metal glitter effect

● Easy to use, no need to change printer or ink

● High ink absorption, no ink-bleeding

● Soft hand feel


golden dtf film effects on garment


Matters that need attention

-Storage environment: In order to protect unused transfer film, recommended to store in original packaging at relative humidity 55-65%RH, temperature 15°C-30°C, sealed indoor storage, avoid direct sunlight.

- Washing Precautions: 
We recommend washing the transferred shirts separately with normal detergent and cold water.
Use washing cycles (400-800 rpm).
After washing, if the image shows signs of shedding, you can cover the image with parchment paper and iron it again. Do not iron the transfer part directly with an iron.

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