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Golden UV DTF Film

- Golden glossy surface and 3D effect
- Soft hand feeling
- Waterproof, sunscreen, high-temperature resistance
- For uneven hard surfaces

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Detailed Description

UV DTF products are an extension of our application of UV printing. You can decorate any hard surface product with UV DTF stickers to customize a unique gift. Common UV DTF stickers have no special effect and can only restore the original color of the pattern.
Different from the common UV printing A Film on the market, this new product Golden UV Film can create the same gilding effect as DTF, which can make you feel fresh and fresh. 



· Golden effect printing
· Glossy surface and 3D effect, soft hand feeling;
· Waterproof, sunscreen, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance;
· Suitable for most materials and films, not limited by material and shape, it can paste to any hard surface.


Printable film (Film A)
Material: The paper-based material. The printing surface is coated with glue, and the paper protective layer is covered on it.
Size:A3 sheet size; 100 sheets/pack. Roll size; 30cm*100m/roll.

Positioning film (Film B)
Material: Coated paper or blister paper on the back.
Size:30cm*100m/roll, roll size only.
Thickness: 22-25u


Use conditions:
19-28℃; storage conditions:18-38℃, humidity 40-60%. (*Long-term storage at high temperatures and high humidity may damage the coating of the printing film.)
Storage: Can be placed in a normal office and home indoor environment for 3 years.
Confirm the printed and non-printed sides before use.
Try to pick up the printed film along the area where it is not needed and place it at the bottom of the print film.


uv dtf application on hardsurfaces

Hard surfaces such as wood, acrylic, metal, plastic, ceramic, cardboard, bottles, cups, uneven and curved surfaces, etc.
Before covering the B positioning film, it is not recommended to stack the printed A film directly to prevent anti-sticking.
*Cannot be applied to T-shirts or other fabrics.

Precautions for washing:
This kind of film is waterproof.
It is not recommended to scratch, but it has higher scratch resistance than ordinary stickers.

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