Hanrun Paper Sheet Size Nonstick Baking Paper


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Hanrun Paper Sheet Size Nonstick Baking Paper

- Natural & Non-toxic
- Non-stick
- High temperature resistance
- Greaseproof&waterproof

Hanrun Paper® Nonstick Baking Paper (Sheet Size)

Hanrun Paper's Baking Paper is double-side silicone coated parchment paper, with high quality. Our baking paper is also environmentally friendly, food-grade paper free of harmful chemicals or metals (such as aluminum, plastic, etc.), made from 100% organic wood pulp. It is degradable and easy to clean, can be reusable.

The baking paper can be used for baking cakes or cookies, cooking or grilling, to prevent your baking sticking to oven trays and cake tins without having to grease with butter or oil. Can be used in a pan or microwave. It’s nonstick wonder used in kitchens and bakeries. Our baking paper is also heat resistant and can be reused at 230 ℃/446℉.

Hanrun paper brand is also committed to providing our customers with high quality products. We can provide you with any size, we can also accept custom templates and logos, and can print the pattern you want for you, come inquire now! Let Hanrun Paper help you get started today!






  Product name   Nonstick and High temperature resistance Baking paper
  Raw material   100% original wood pulp
  Normal gram weight(GSM)   40g
  Whether it can be customized   √  
  Printable   (1-4 colors printing available)
  Color   White
  Packaging   500 sheets/pack
  Size   A4/ 8.3 x 11.7 inches
  Sample size    According to customer needs



- 100% virgin wood pulp
- Nature & non-toxic
- Greaseproof&waterproof
- Prevent sticking
- High temperature resistance, oven-safe to 230°C/446°F
- Reusable 10 times
- IS09002 certification; QS certification; US FDA / SGS / Europe EU certification




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