Laser smart Transfer Paper
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Laser smart Transfer Paper
Laser smart Transfer Paper
Laser smart Transfer Paper
  • Laser smart Transfer Paper
  • Laser smart Transfer Paper
  • Laser smart Transfer Paper

Laser smart Transfer Paper

-Saturated color
-Precise and delicate coloring
-Rich layers

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Heat Transfer Series

T-shirt Transfer Paper

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Detailed Description

Laser smart Transfer Paper

Hanrun laser smart transfer paper that can be used to transfer an image to almost any hard surface. Based on laser printer and ordinary heat press machine. Gold and silver colours can produce dazzling special effects.

Equipment Used: Laer printer; Heat press machine; Oven  

Recommended hard surface: Applicable to hard surface printing: metal, ceramics, floor tiles, floors, wood, plastic, stone, glass, leather etc
High gloss is suitable for printing on shiny surfaces (such as ceramic tiles), and matt is more versatile
After printing in gold and silver, the image only presents its natural color: gold or silver


Usage Guidelines


Key Product Features

Saturated color, precise and delicate coloring, rich layers
Tips: It is recommended not to scratch the printed pattern with the sharp edges and corners to prevent the coating from scratching and affecting the appearance.


How to use:

1) Mirror printing your design.
2) According to the printed subject, set the time and pressure of the heat press machine.
Normally hard surface uses heavy pressure.
3) When the pressing time is up, remove the printed product from the pressing machine, and tear off the transfer paper warmly.
4) Baking:
Oven: Industrial oven or household oven can be used. 
Main function: After baking, the adhesion of the pattern will be stronger and scratch resistant, and the adhesion of the image is increased.

Remarks: 1. For the baking temperature and time of materials that are not resistant to high temperature, please adjust flexibly in actual operation, please note not to exceed the maximum temperature of the substrate itself; 
2. Large items that are not convenient to put in the oven can be dried naturally.


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