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Pneumatic 6 worktable rotary heat press machine

-6 transfer tables with rotary type
-Adjustable rotating speed
-Save labor

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Pneumatic Heat Press Machine

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Heat Press Machine Flat Heat Press Machine Double Station Heat Press Machine


Detailed Description

Pneumatic 6 worktable rotary heat press machine


Pneumatic 6 worktable rotary heat press machine has 6 transfer tables with rotary type, ideal for mass-produce your work and saving manpower. This iron can be used for the different garment personalization techniques that exist on the market such as digital printing, sublimation, rhinestones, transfer with paper, textile vinyl and even for the application of embroidered shields and emblems


Key Product Features

Intelligent touch screen digital temp.&time control displayer in a panel.
The radiation pipe and the heater plate in whole,safe,durable,and distribute heat averagely.
PLC System controller,it is easy to operate and stable on performance.
6 aluminum worktables, automatic rotating movement.
Air driver automatically work,even and stable pressure (pressure up to 8KG/CM2)
Automatic/Manual mode for option.
Adjustable rotating speed,you can adjust the speed as your required.
V shape bracket is support the worktable,finished t-shirt can be loaded. 


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