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Roller Heat Transfer Machine (Proofer Edition)

-Compression system
-Control panel
-Energy efficient, power, cost saving
-Easy to operate

Product Category:

Roller Heat Press Machine

key word:

heat transfer machine


Detailed Description

Roller Heat Transfer Machine (Proofer Edition)


Hanrun Roller Heat Transfer Machine (Proofer Edition) is carefully developed by our engineers to solve the problems of inconvenient proofing in shops and factories, and high cost of small batch production. Compared with the professional version and the deluxe version, it is more energy-efficient, and it is the best for saving power, space and cost. select.


Key Product Features

Main wallboard

The main wallboard (electric box) is made of 10mm thick steel plate by the application of Italian CNC wire cutting technology. with high precision.

Imported heating pipe

Imported stainless steel heating tube and heat transfer oil directly heat the oil layer, and it can be heated to 200 degrees in about 45 minutes.

 Automatic alarm device

The automatic alarm device can display the current temperature. If the temperature exceeds the set temperature, a signal will be quickly output by triggering an alarm.

US" DuPont" raw materials blanket

The thickness of the blanket using FAW material imported from the United States is 10mm. Not only has a good transfer effect, but also has a long service life.

Universal Bearings
Uses the latest universal bearings, effectively reducing the wear of bearings and accessories.




Product Introduction

Roller Heat Transfer Machine Introduction

heat transfer machine factory hanrun paper


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