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SEN-A331 All-In-One DTF Printer

- All-In-One Design
- 2 Epson i3200 printheads
- Film not easy to skew during the printing and drying process
- Suitable for A3/ A4 directly to film printing

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DTF Printer

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Detailed Description

SEN-A331 All-In-One DTF Printer

To further improve the experience of DTF users while ensuring a stable printing quality, Hanrun paper technical team has studied the integrated technology of printing shaking powder and drying. Till 2022, we obtained three patents for utility models, including an integrated uniform heating device and a printing deviation correction device.

And we finally launched a brand new All-In-One DTF printer, SEN-331, which assembles the printer and the powder shaker. In addition to a smaller footprint and lower investment cost, the integrated design makes the DTF film not easy to skew during the printing and drying process, ensuring the stability of the final product quality.

This printer has a number of advantages over other technologies, such as thermal transfer and even high-end DTG. Suitable for both white and dark textiles, and compatible with a wide range of fabric types (cotton, polyester, blends, leather, jeans, etc).


SEN A331 Hanrun Paper



SEN-A331 detai hanrun paper



# All-In-One Design: printing&powder shaking&drying integration

Printing deviation correction device: film not easy to skew during the printing and drying process

# Double Epson i3200 printheads: High-speed printing and stable quality

# No need cut, no white edge

# Suitable for A3/ A4 directly to film printing

Two-stage dryer high efficiency

Easy to use, labor-saving



SEN A-331 DTF Printer
  Model   SEN A-331
  Printhead   2 EPSON i3200 
  Print Resolution/Speed

  4pass(360*1800dpi): 10m2/h

  6pass(720*1200dpi): 6m2/h

  8pass(720*1800dpi): 4m2/h

  Ink   DTF pigment ink (CMYK+W)
  Method of ink supply   Continuous supply+ white-ink circulation system
  Printing width   330mm
  Print media   DTF film
  Heating device   Powder Shaking & Drying machine
  Language   English/Chinese
  Voltage   AC110V/220V/10A  50HZ/60HZ
  Working environment   Temperature 20-30℃ Humidity 45%-70%RH
  Power   Printer 350W   Powder Shaker:2400W
  Software compatibility   Maintop 6.1/ Photoprint
  Whole Set Size/Weight   1700(L)*760(W)*980(H)mm   130kg
  Packing size/weight

  Printer 960(L)*630(W)*620(H)mm  60kg
  Powder Shaker 1130(L)*810(W)*1000(H)mm  80kg



DTF application hanrun

Washing labels for garments

Fashion clothes(most kinds of garments and no need to distinguish colors)

Personalized customization: t-shirts, cloth bags, hoodies, pillow cases, etc



DTF Certification Hanrun Paper

DTF Certification Hanrun Paper


Service included:

- Technical Training and guidance (Professional technical team support) Installation manual, video or Online support

- 6 months - 1 Year warranty (See the full warranty details on our guarantee page and the DTF PRO terms and conditions.)

- Dealer/partner support

- Wearing parts package

Other materials you may need (need to be purchased separately):

- Smoke purifier - (to keep the humidity above 40% in the print room) - recommended

- DTF Inks

- DTF Film

- DTF Powder (white powder, black powder)

- Windows 7 or higher Computer (PC) with an available USB port

- Heat press machine

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