Smoke purifier P002 For DTF Printer
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Smoke purifier P002 For DTF Printer
Smoke purifier P002 For DTF Printer
  • Smoke purifier P002 For DTF Printer
  • Smoke purifier P002 For DTF Printer

Smoke purifier P002 For DTF Printer

# Enhanced suction and purification capabilities
# Small size, and is easy to move
# Less noise
# High-efficiency filter with better filtering effect

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DTF Printer


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Detailed Description

Hanrun Paper® Smoke purifier P002 For DTF Printer


Hanrun paper P002 smoke purifier is designed for DTF printers that need smoke discharge, like Hanrun Paper DTF PRO series. The appearance is the fuselage integrated design, sturdy and durable. And the product is smaller in size, does not need to be installed, and is easy to move. The air volume is large, the wind speed is uniform and stable, the suction force is large, and the filtering effect is good. And optimized noise, less noise every time you use it.

P002 Hanrun Paper


P002 Smoke purifier
  Input voltage AC220v  50HZ
  Output Power 200w
  Air volume 280m3
  Net filtration 0.3pm>99%
  Noise volume <45DB
  Machine size 448*248*490mm
  Packing size 540*370*650mm
  Weight 18KG
  Accessories A pack of filters (10 pieces) is provided with the machine



Enhanced suction and purification capabilities
Small size, and is easy to move
Less noise
The vortex wind wheel is made of alloy material, with high suction power, faster filtration rate and corrosion resistance.
High-efficiency filter with aluminum frame and paper partition has excellent filtering effect and longer service life of the filter element.



Washing labels for garments

# Fashion clothes(most kinds of garments and no need to distinguish colors)

Personalized customization

# Customzied wood products 


Work Flow




Other materials you may need (need to be purchased separately):

- DTF Printer
- DTF Powder Shaker
- DTF Inks (Basic: PRO-ink001)
- DTF Film (Basic: Evo 75u/100u single-sided/double-sided matte-glossy film)
- DTF Powder (white powder, black powder)
- Windows 7 or higher Computer (PC) with an available USB port
- Heat press machine for finishing (curing) the final print
- Humidifier (to keep the humidity above 40% in the print room) - recommended

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