-Print head: DX7/DX6/DX5/5113/4720/I3200 DX4,
-Compatible with EPSON, MIMAKI printer.
-Colors: C, M, Y, K
-High-density ink, good ink absorption, suitable for high-speed printing on low-gram paper
-DX7/DX6/DX5/5113/4720/I3200/DX4 Head
-For print head DX5/MutohVJ1638/DX4
-Fast dry
-Vivid color and wide color
-For print head 5113|4720
-Fast dry
-Vivid color and wide color
-For print head epson scf 6000/6070/6200 etc.
-Fast dry
-Vivid color and wide color
-Fit for print head DX6/DX4/EPSON F9330.
-Colors: C, M, Y, K,LC, LM
-Color similar to original EPSON ink, no need change ICC profile if use original ink
-For print head DX7/DX6/5113/4720/I3200/DX4
-Lower ink cost for high profitability
-High color density color
-For print head KyoceraKJ4B
-Fast dry
-Vivid color and wide color
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