UltraUV 6090 DTF UV Printer


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UltraUV 6090 DTF UV Printer

-Printing heads: 3PCS EPS TX800
-Printing size 60cm*90cm
-DTF UV printing method
-Design Software with video Tutorials

UltraUV 6090 DTF UV Printer


UltraUV 6090 DTF printer is using a brand new UV printing technology. This UV DTF flated printer is based on DTF technology, we have improved the existing UV machine so that the pattern can be printed directly on the film. You can print out the design you want and easily transfer it to various surfaces, especially uneven hard surfaces: glass material, wood material, resin material, plastic material, ceramic material, etc, and no other processing is required. The pattern has both glossiness and three-dimensional effect, good hand feeling, and can be produced in small batches.


Print directly to film using UV printing method;

3 Epson piezoelectric nozzles can achieve more vibrant colors and lifelike printing: color ink+white ink+varnish;

Glossy surface and three-dimensional feeling,with good hand feeling;

# UV resistance, scrubbing resistance, solvent resistance, long-term storage;

Print and dry faster, can be produced in small batches. saving you time and money;

Suitable for most materials and films, not limited by material and shape, it can paste to any hard surface.




Can apply to the most hard surface like: glass material, wood material, resin material, plastic material, ceramic material, and hardware material,etc.

Jars, brochures, boxes, gift boxes, tea boxes;

Helmets, skates, sports protective gear and other sports equipment;

Leather, metal, mirrors, acrylic, wood, ceramics.









     3 printhead Epson TX800: Can print color ink+white ink+varnish.

     Epson TX800: Suitable for UV printer, Eco solvent printer, DTG printer; can print CMYK, white ink and varish.
     Infrared automatic lifting: Automatically adjust according to the thickness of the printed material.
     All-aluminum suction platform: Ensure that the material is flat and improve printing stability.
     Large-capacity ink supply: Able to print for a long time, reducing manpower.
     Imported linear guide: The machine runs more smoothly. Make a longer service life.





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