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Upgraded Hot Sale A-600 DTF Printer

- More cost effective
- 2 Epson i3200
- Stable printing result
- Technical team support

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DTF Printer

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Detailed Description

Hot Sale A-600 DTF Printer

After our DTF printer PRO Series was launched, we have received high praise from different customers all over the world. On this basis, Hanrun paper launched a new machine-Hot sale A-600. This printer uses stable and reliable Engine Printheads (DUAL PRINTHEAD SYSTEM) and is professionally enhanced by the Hanrun technical team, providing a professional and durable DTF printing solution, and is suitable for new users who want to start DTF printing.

Hanrun paper Hot sale A-600 is more cost-effective than most printers on the market right now, means buying manufacturer direct. This machine uses the current mainstream config ration, dual-head i3200 head with ink tank continuous feed system to ensure high-quality and stable printing. 

This printer has a number of advantages over other technologies, such as thermal transfer and even high-end DTG. Suitable for both white and dark textiles, and compatible with a wide range of fabric types (cotton, polyester, blends, leather, jeans, etc).



Hot sale A600 dtf printer updated features



Dual-printheads: 2 EPSON I3200 printheads;

Cost effective: Reduce investment costs while maintaining stable print quality;

Better color result: stable and high-quality printing result;

Updated ink system: continuous supply+ white-ink continuous feed system;

Adaptive  unwinder: Film running is more stable, not easy to arch; Effectively protect the print head;



Hot Sale-A600 DTF Printer
  Model   Hot Sale-A600
  Printhead   2 EPSON i3200  4 EPSON i3200
  Print Resolution/Speed

4pass(360*2400dpi): 14m2/h
6pass(360*3600dpi): 10m2/h
8pass(720*2400dpi): 8m2/h

4pass(360*2400dpi): 24m2/h
6pass(360*3600dpi): 16m2/h
8pass(720*2400dpi): 12m2/h

  Ink   DTF pigment ink (CMYK+W)
  Printing accuracy 1440/2160/2880 dpi
  Method of ink supply   Continuous supply+ white-ink circulation system
  Printing width   620mm
  Print media   DTF film
  RIP software Photoprint/Maintop
  Heating device   Powder Shaking & Drying machine
  System   Windows 7/Windows 10
  Voltage   AC110V 14A / 220V 7A  50HZ/60HZ
  Working environment   Temperature 15-30℃ Humidity 35-65%RH
  Power  1.5KW
  Software compatibility PP / MainTop
  Printer size   L1336mm*W658mm*H1400mm
  Printer net  weight   150kg
B602 DTF Powder Shaker
  Model B602
  Power 5.22KW
  Power shaker Dimensions L1985*W1090*H1080mm
  Net weight   180kg
  Match model A 2-head DTF printer (inquire for a 4-head model matching)
  Temperature control scope 0-170°C
  Speed regulation range Synchronize with printer speed
  Maximum heating pipe power 4pcs*1Kw
  Media width 0-600mm
  Method of transmission Two kinds: tractor + belt belt transmission
  Automatic volume collection
  Powder loading method Manually apply powder on the top; automatically control the direction and amount of powder
  Powder recycling method Bottom powder box, manually recycle the powder
  Air suction device
  Front preheating plate
  Consumption Energy consumption 2-3.5KW
  Work environment 15-30° C45-65%RH



Washing labels for garments

Fashion clothes(most kinds of garments and no need to distinguish colors)

Personalized customization: t-shirts, cloth bags, hoodies, pillow cases, etc




Service included:

- Technical Training and guidance (Professional technical team support) Installation manual, video or Online support

- 6 months - 1 Year warranty (See the full warranty details on our guarantee page and the DTF PRO terms and conditions.)

- Dealer/partner support

- Wearing parts package


Other materials you may need (need to be purchased separately):

- Smoke purifier - (to keep the humidity above 40% in the print room) - recommended

- DTF Inks

- DTF Film

- DTF Powder (white powder, black powder)

- Windows 7 or higher Computer (PC) with an available USB port

- Heat press machine

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