EVO-B1200 DTF Powder Shaker
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EVO-B1200 DTF Powder Shaker

- Less powder addition frequency
- Double oven design
- Integrated smoke purifier
- Increase productivity and quality

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DTF Printer

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Detailed Description

Hanrun Paper® EVO-B1200 DTF Powder Shaker

With the launch of the EVO-A1200 dtf printer, we have also upgraded the latest B1200 shaker. The EVO-B1200 boasts a double-side curing oven design, integrated smoke purifier, and touch screen for seamless operation. The B1200 Powder Shaker ensures efficient and precise drying with a wide drying area and adjustable temperature. Perfect for industrial needs, these machines guarantee stunning, high-quality prints. The EVO-B1200's intuitive interface and tension unwinding system streamline workflows, while the B1200's enhanced capacity reduces drying time. With the EVO-A1200 DTF printer set, you can increase productivity without compromising on quality.


Double oven with ultra-wide infrared heating width, efficiently improves the production of DTF printer.
# Features adjustable heating design to enhance its compatibility with various inks and powders.
# The tension feeding system facilitates easier operation to alleviate the difficulty of DTF film rewinding.
# Integrated smoke purifier.



EVO-B1200 DTF Powder Shaker
  Model EVO-B1200
  Max width 0-1300mm
  Heat temperature 0-400℃
  Electrical parameters Rated voltage 220V, Rated current 47A,
Rated power 8KW, Power consumption 8KW
  Heat and dry function Front heat plate, top dryer fixation, 2 rows of cold fans
  Media transmission NEW conveyor belt type
  Take up function Automatic inductive
  Powder shaker dimensions/weight 2842.95*1772*1076mm, 580kg
  Packing dimensions/weight 2850*1880*1236mm, 620kg
  Match model Hanrun Paper EVO A-1200 Printer



Washing labels for garments

# Fashion clothes(most kinds of garments and no need to distinguish colors)

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