EVO-B600 DTF Powder Shaker
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EVO-B600 DTF Powder Shaker

- Integrated smoke purifier
- Less powder addition frequency
- Double constant temperature heating
- Reduce energy consumption by 30%

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DTF Printer

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Detailed Description

Hanrun Paper® EVO-B600 DTF Powder Shaker


Hanrun Paper has developed the EVO-B600 DTF Powder Shaker for EVO series DTF printers.
EVO-B600 Powder Shaker integrates smoke purification and adopts hot air circulation system to reduce energy loss, effectively reducing energy consumption by 30%. In addition, the EVO-B600 DTF Powder Shaker has been added with more humanized design and more stable machine performance to help you improve productivity.



Integrated smoke purifier

Side-mounted smoke purifier, one port for air intake and one port for air exit. Hot flue circulates continuously in the machine to reduce energy loss.

Adjustable film sensing device

The film sensing device of the powder shaking machine can be adjusted up and down in height, so customers can adjust it according to their needs.

Double powder collection bins

The two powder collection bins can hold different hot-melt powders. And the powder collecting bins can be pulled out on both sides of the machine, which is more convenient to use.

Powder fall control

The baffles can be adjusted to be close to both sides of the film according to the width of the film, so as to reduce the amount of powder falling into the powder collection bin during powder shaking and reduce the frequency of manual powder return.

Double layer heating

The upper and lower layers are each equipped with 4 heating tubes, and the length of the baking area is close to 1m, which makes the film drying more uniform and thorough, ensuring that the finished product does not produce oil.




EVO-B600 DTF Powder Shaker
  Model EVO-B600
  Max width 600mm
  Oven length 1079mm
  Heat temperature 0-400℃
  Voltage 110v/220v, 60HZ
  Power 4.6KW
  Size 1850mm(L)*1150mm(W)*1050mm(H)
  Weight 320kg
  Match model Hanrun Paper EVO DTF Printer



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