Gloss Hot Stamping Varnish
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Gloss Hot Stamping Varnish

- Transparent uv varnish
- For hot stamping foil
- Sharp and clear pattern lines
- Suitable for a variety of media

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Detailed Description

Gloss hot stamping varnish

Hot stamping varnish is a special gloss varnish that we use it with gloden foil or silver foil to add a special effect for your pattern. This ink has good flexibility after UV curing, is not easy to break, has low odor, low volatility, no harmful organic compounds, and has excellent continuous production performance in the uv printer.

# Sharp and clear pattern lines
# Good stamping performance, high viscosity, fast forming
# Wide range of pressing temperature, suitable for a variety of media
# Good fluency, not easy to plug the print heads, strong stability



  Product UV Digital printing
  Applicable Printhead Ricoh G5-G6 G5i, Epson i3200
  Color Transparent
  Capacity 1L
  Temperature in hot stamping process High temperature: 80℃-120℃; Low temperature: 35℃-40℃



uv hot stamping application


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