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Ink Shaking Device

- Ink shaking device
- For issues of ink separation
- Prevent ink sedimentation
- Easy to use

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DTF Printer

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Detailed Description

Ink Shaking Device

This ink shaking device is designed specifically for DTF and UV inks. It tackles the common issue of ink separation, particularly prevalent in water-based white inks. Even during printing, white ink tends to sediment more easily than other inks, potentially leading to nozzle clogging and subpar print quality.  With the added feature of anti-friction rollers, you can trust that your ink will be thoroughly shaken to perfection. Unlike conventional methods, where manual shaking is a laborious necessity, our innovative device streamlines the process, freeing you from the tedious task. Simply place your ink onto the device to ensure uniform ink distribution during printing and stable print results. With precision-engineered anti-friction rollers, rest assured your ink will undergo thorough agitation for impeccable results.

Greatly improves print quality, reduces downtime due to nozzle clogging, and enhances efficiency in the printing process. Easy to use.


Compatibility with DTF, UV inks, etc.




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