NEW EVO A-600 DTF Printer
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NEW EVO A-600 DTF Printer

- 2 EPSON i3200-A1
- Installation-free, adjustment-free
- Tension release system
- Spare white ink shaking system

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DTF Printer

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Detailed Description

 NEW EVO A-600 DTF Printer

In recent years, we pay more and more attention to innovation in the research and development of DTF machines. This new EVO 600 DTF Printer has ultra-high automation and intelligent functions, which can realize innovative functions such as automatic heating, automatic cleaning, automatic monitoring, automatic moisturizing, multi-printer management control, etc. It is very suitable for long time stable printing and mass production.



Function Upgrade

Automatic moisturizing

To prevent the ink from clogging the nozzle, the printhead emits some ink at regular intervals to keep the nozzle moist, which can keep the best working condition of the nozzle.

Printhead installation-free

After you receive the printer, there is no necessary to install the printhead. After installing the ink and simple debugging, it can be printed directly.

THK mute guide

Imported high quality THK guide. Highly stable printing with low noise. Long service life, very suitable for high-end machines.

White Ink auto shaking

This function prevents sedimentation of white ink in DTF printers by automatically shaking the ink bottle. It is recommended for both long periods of inactivity and before opening a new bottle of white ink to ensure ink homogeneity.

MPM (Multi-Printer Manager)

A computer can control multiple devices with different ip addresses. MPM (Multi Printer Manager) uses one computer to manage multiple printers, helping workers control machine production more quickly and improve production efficiency.

Ink sac heating function

The ink baffle device of this new printer has an external heating function. With this technology, the printer can work normally in an environment with large temperature differences. During the printing process, the heating function can ensure good ink mobility.



EVO 600 DTF Printer
  Model EVO-A600
  Printhead 2 EPSON i3200 
  Print Resolution/Speed 4pass(360*2400dpi): 12m2/h
6pass(360*3600dpi): 9m2/h
8pass(720*2400dpi): 6m2/h
  Ink   DTF pigment ink (CMYK+W)
  Three heating sections Pre-heater; Printing bed heater; Rear heater
  Printing media width DTF film 600mm
  RIP software Photoprint/Maintop 6.1/CADlink
  Language English/Chinese
  Working environment Temperature: 20-30℃, Humidity:45%-70%
  Power 450W
  Printer size 1700(L)*750(W)*1200(H)mm 137kg
  Packing size 1820(L)*960(W)*1200(H)mm  186kg
  Functional item  Shake powder control/Powder  amount control/Temperature control
  Voltage AC110V / 220V  50HZ/60HZ


Max width 600mm Oven length 1079mm
Heat temperature 0-400℃
Voltage 110v/220v, 60HZ Power 4.6kw
Size/Weight 1850mm(L)*1150mm(W)*1050mm(H) 320kg



 Ultra-high automation and intelligent functions
 Nozzle compensation ensures perfect work
 Centralized joint control of multiple printers
 Convenient built-in air purification unit
 Stable and continuous mass production



DTF Application Hanrun Paper

Washing labels for garments

Fashion clothes(most kinds of garments and no need to distinguish colors)

Personalized customization


CertificateDTF Certificate Hanrun Paper


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