UV Industrial Soft Ink
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UV Industrial Soft Ink
UV Industrial Soft Ink
UV Industrial Soft Ink
  • UV Industrial Soft Ink
  • UV Industrial Soft Ink
  • UV Industrial Soft Ink

UV Industrial Soft Ink

- Vibrant and bright colors
- Good flexibility, high tensile rate
- Eco-friendly and harmless

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Detailed Description

UV Industrial Soft Ink

UV inks used in UV printers can be classified into two types: hard ink and soft ink, based on the hardness characteristics of the printing material. Hard ink is used for rigid materials like glass, tiles, metal plates, acrylic, and wood, which are non-bending and non-deformable. It offers stronger adhesion. On the other hand, soft ink is used for flexible materials like leather, soft film, and soft PVC, which can be bent and twisted. Patterns printed with soft ink have a softer appearance, allowing them to conform better to the shape of the medium and reducing the risk of breakage.


# Good flexibility, high tensile rate, bending does not crack, targeted development of various industry adaptation ink;
# High color concentration, bright color, high degree of reduction
# Fast curing, less energy consumption, smooth printing, non-stick hand, stable product performance
# No solvent added, meet the latest VOC environmental emission standards



  Product UV Soft Ink
  Applicable Printhead i1600, I3200, DX5, XP600, TX800
  Color CMYKW+hot stamping varnish+varnish
  Working Temperature 30-45°C
  Sun Protection Level(International) K: LV7; M: LV 6~7; C: LV6~7; Y: LV 6~7
  Outdoor Sun Fastness Time 2 years or more
  lnk Curing Method Dual UV LED Lights
  Wet Friction 5
  Acapable Printer Flatbed/Roll to roll UV DTF Printer




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