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  • 2022
    -February: Released new product line of eco-friendly&pure-nature food wrapping paper
    -March: Built Hanrun Paper dealer management system
    -May&June Attended 2022 Fespa in Berlin and meet with our clients in Europe
    -September: DTF printing technology patent application
    -October: Earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for our accreditation quality
  • 2021
    -January: Set up Hanrun Customer Experience Center and Hanrun Research & Development Department;
    -April: Got CE certification for all series of DTF printer/sublimation printer and heat transfer machine.
    -June&July: Attended ITMA ASIA+CITMA 2021 and APPP 2021 in Shanghai.
    -September:Built own brand--Hanrun Paper DTF series.
  • 2020
    -March:New product 35gsm Industrial Light Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper specially for Industrial printers;
    -May: Held online exhibition;
    -July:Attended APPPEXPO in Shanghai;
    -November:ECO PASSPORT approved;
    -November:New product EVO DYE 35gsm sublimation paper
  • 2019
    Integrated supply chain and marketing department realizing higher working efficacy;
    Released the new product: Cotton Sublimation Paper 2.0;
    FSC and OEKO-TEX certificates approved;
    Attended FESPA in Munich, Germany; ITMA in Barcel Barcelona, Spain;
  • 2018
    Added the 4th coating line in 3.2m width;
    Expand office to 500m2;
    Attended GRATEX in New York, America; FESPA in Berlin, Germany;
  • 2017
    Heat Transfer Vinyl for massive production;
    Organization chart consist of Production team, Supply Chain Team, Sales Team, Marketing team and Fiance&Administration;
    Sales team expanded to fifty people with operating five platforms simultaneously;
    Attended FESPA ASIA in Bangkok, Thailand;
  • 2016
    New product, Epson SCF® Sublimation Paper specially for Epson printers;
    New product, Industrial Light® Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper;
    Provide printing solution design for customers;
    Attended SGIA in Las Vegas, USA;
  • 2015
    Added new product to transfer on Cotton;
    Attended FESPA in Cologne, Germany;
    Moved to new factory and added the 3rd coating line for higher speed production;
  • 2014
    Registered the trademark license in USA;
    Attended SGIA in Las Vegas, USA; FESPA in Guangzhou, China;
  • 2013
    Set up the 2nd coating line in 2.6m width for high-efficiency production;
    Attended FESPA in Shanghai, China;
  • 2012
    Released new product: Hi Sticky® Sublimation Paper;
    Attend the expo: CSGIA in Guangzhou, China;
  • 2011
    Built the first 1.8m wide coating line for setting up the sublimation paper company.
    Exceed 10 million of annual sales;
  • 2009
    Dr. Allen Liu (PHD) backed to China from Singapore and set up Hanrun® Paper with Wayne Yang in a 30m2 office;

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