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About Our History

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  • 2019
    2019.02 Integration of the supply chain and marketing department;
    2019.05 Develop the new product: cotton sublimation paper 2.0 ;
    2019.05 Attend FESPA in Munich, Germany;
    2019.06 Attend ITMA in Barcel Barcelona, Spain;
    2019.10 Obtained FSC and OEKO-TEX certificates;
  • 2018
    2018.03 We have new investors; add the 4th coating line in 3.2m width;
    2018.05 Attend FESPA in Berlin, Germany;
    2018.07 Move into new marketing center which covers 500m2;
    2018.08 Attend GRATEX in New
  • 2017
    2017.02 Attend FESPA ASIA in Bangkok, Thailand;
    2017.05 Start to invest in a new production line of heat transfer vinyl;
    2017.07 Build a special project for digital print and ink;
  • 2016
    2016.05 Develop the Epson SCF® sublimation paper special for Epson printers;
    2016.09 Attend SGIA in Las Vegas, USA;
    2016.10 Add Industrial Light® Jumbo roll sublimation paper, begin the soluti
  • 2015
    2015.03 Add new product to transfer on Cotton;
    2015.05 Attend FESPA in Cologne, Germany;
    2015.10 Move to new factory and add the 3rd coating line for high speed production;
    2015.11 Attend
  • 2014
    2014.10 Attend SGIA in Las Vegas, USA;
    2014.11 Obtain the trademark license in USA and successfully enter the world market;
    2014.11 Attend FESPA China in Guangzhou;
  • 2013
    2013.07 Set up the 2nd coating line in 2.6m width for high speed production;
    2013.11 Attend FESPA China in Shanghai;
  • 2012
    2012.06 Add new product: Hi Sticky® sublimation paper;
    2012.11 Start to attend the EXPO. The first expo: CSGIA in Guangzhou, China;
  • 2011
    2011 Sales team expand. Annual sales of more than 10 millions square meters;
  • 2009
    2009.05 Dr. Allen Liu returned from Singapore and established Hanrun® Paper with Wayne Yang in a 30m2 office;
    2009.09 We set up the 1st coating line in 1.8m wide, start the sublimation paper business;

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