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UV DTF | Multifunctional UV Printing Solution For Uneven Hard Surface

31 Jan,2023

With the development of digital printing, personalized designs are becoming increasingly popular with young people. Recently, DIY stickers have been all the rage on social media such as Tik Tok and Instagram. These DIY stickers are so easy to make that all you need is a UV DTF printer.


Sublimation | Sublimation Paper Perfect For Epson Printer

31 Jan,2023

The Epson SCF500/SCF570 has brought a revolution in personalization using the sublimation technique. And is not for less. This printer is EPSON's first printer made specifically for medium format sublimation and small format medium production levels.


Sublimation | Industrial Light Sublimation Paper For Home Textile Printing

31 Jan,2023

The industrialization of the sublimation market has led to the introduction of high-speed industrial plotters and wide-format single-pass printers, which has further driven the demand for new technologies for sublimation paper.


DTF | New Crystal DTF Solution Takes You Into The Bling World

10 Jan,2023

Brings brilliant sparkle to your personalized designs. DTF Glitter Film is a glitter coating added to the original coating, and its printing quality still retains the high ink loading, high peel, and water wash resistance that Hanrun Paper® DTF films have. You can directly use it for general DTF printers without any additional settings and easy to operate.


DTF | Make Vivid color With DTF Spot Inks Professional Printing Solution

09 Nov,2022

Personalization is becoming more and more popular, and young consumers tend to use brightly colored and uniquely designed patterns to show their individuality. When providing printing services to customers, you may have tried to print some spot colors by tuning curves in the software, but the printed results are always not as good as expected. This is because the color gamut of CMYK is limited and some brighter colors are out of the range of CMYK.


DTF | DTF Glitter Film Solution

03 Aug,2022

You may have tried to design a picture with a glitter effect to print. That is a good idea. DTF printing can perfectly reproduce the original effect of the pattern. However, it is only a reproduction of the pattern, it does not have the sparkle and realistic effect.


DTF | Coarse Powder Fabric Printing Solution for Canvas, Denim

29 Jul,2022

DTF printing means direct-to-film printing, which is a very popular new textile printing technology. It is widely used in clothing printing design, fashion backpack printing, tagless label printing, personalized clothing customization and other scenarios. DTF printing can adapt to various materials of fabrics. DTF printing solution can meet the needs of both mass order production and single-piece personalization with easy operation and simple process. It is supported by manufacturers for its flexibility, efficiency and high quality.

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