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UV DTF Printing Guide

10 Mar,2023

UV (ultraviolet) DTF printing is a new printing method that uses UV curing technology to create patterns on film. It is created by combining UV printing technology with the direct-to-film method of transfer printing.


DTF Printing Guide: The Best Choice for Garment Printing

24 Feb,2023

DTF printing, also known as direct-to-film printing, is a printing process in which a design is printed on a special transfer film and then transferred to the fabric by heat press. It can perfectly restore the color of the pattern on various color substrates and is suitable for printing on fabrics of various materials.


How to identify the quality of sublimation paper

17 Feb,2023

Sublimation printing is a transfer printing technology that uses a sublimation printer to print a design on sublimation transfer paper and then transfer the pattern to the surface of a fabric, cup or other blank receptors through high-temperature heat pressure. The printing principle is to use the sublimation property of dispersed dyes to color polyester fiber (or surface polyester fiber or similar polyester fiber material) products.


Transfer printing Process Guide

30 Jan,2023

There are big differences in the process of different transfer processes. However, the use of soft and flexible transfer paper is the most commonly used method of transfer printing. The processing process is divided into three steps:


Hanrun paper sublimation paper guide

30 Jan,2023

Hanrun papers have the same quality so you will get the best results if you are using it properly, the main difference in sublimation papers is in their weights. Since we have sublimation paper in Light grams (35g-50g), Standard (60g-90g) and Premium (100g-140g).  The choice depends on a lot of facetors like price, finished products, coating layer or not etc.


Large Format Sublimation Printing Guide

30 Jan,2023

Just 20 years ago it was not so easy to find a personalized mug for a business; they had to be designed in the pottery process itself, hand-colored and baked. Now you just have to make a design on a computer (you can download it if you are too lazy) print it on a transfer paper and put it on a plate for two minutes.

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