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Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Our story began in 2009. Hanrun Paper® started from a team of five people to a company with more than hundreds employees.

To support our sales team, we built our own logistics to coordinate transportation issues. Our marketing department is focused on brand promotion, along with market data collection, they make us adapt to the change of the market more quickly, and keep us evolving. We also have a quality control department to test the quality of our own products, guarantee the quality of every order is high and stable.

Our team, with passionate, good service awareness and strong professional knowledge. We are not only just doing some business, but also building our own world famous brand. 

Hanrun paper, transfer to digital, transfer to future. 



Hanrun Paper® has her own testing division, guarantee every order keep stable. In the meantime, Hanrun Paper® has her own marketing department, collect the latest market information to improve the whole quality.


We are young and passionate, we love sublimation printing. It's amazing cute and unique.

Sublimation printing made us unlimited, through our daily life. Our personal idea is shown by sublimation transfer printing.


We are not only the supplier, we are the partner.


We participated in exhibitions in more than 30 countries and met many customers from various countries. Every exhibition is a harvest.


Certification of Company



Address :403, No.10 building, Baijiahui Innovation Community, 699-18 Xuanwu Avenue, Nanjing, China
Telephone Number :008602583377515
Mobile Phone :008617714537154
Email :info@hanrunpaper.com


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