25mm Customizable Sublimation Transfer Lanyards
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25mm Customizable Sublimation Transfer Lanyards
  • 25mm Customizable Sublimation Transfer Lanyards

25mm Customizable Sublimation Transfer Lanyards

Size: 25mm
Application: Sublimation transfer printing technology
Product: Textile···

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Customized Lanyards Sublimation Solution


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Detailed Description

Hanrun® Paper Industrial Co., Ltd

25mm customized lanyards for sublimation transfer 

We have textile industry to Customizable subliamtion transfer lanyards , we are factory direct sales. Our weaving machine industrialization model, can produce a large number of tape orders, short delivery, complete packaging, fast delivery, service has been trusted by customers. You can see the whole process for our factory production. We can also provide a complete set of solutions to allow you to solve a lanyard problem.

Our Factory

Our Product


  1. Acceptance of a large number of orders.

  2. Quality assurance

  3. Complete packing and quick delivery

  4. 1mm-28mm Acceptable size customization


Blank lanyards transfer result


Details of the lanyards 

Production Process


Industrial assembly line, fast efficiency, high quality.


Package of product


Lanyard Solution

Metal buckle & Metal hooks & Plastic hooks

Blank lanyards heat transfer machine

Sublimation Transfer Paper

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