Hydraulic double station heat press machine
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Hydraulic double station heat press machine

-Fully automatic hydraulic design without noise
-Can be manual/automatic
-Digital display ther···

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Hydraulic Heat Press Machine

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Double Station Heat Press Machine Heat Press Machine Flat Heat Press Machine


Detailed Description

Hydraulic Heat Press Machine


Key Product Features

With hydraulic device, the pressure is greater and more uniform.

High-quality aluminum heating plate, electric heating tube and plate body pouring as one, rapid heat transfer, uniform heating, energy saving and environmental protection.

All-digital control, process completion signal instructions, high accuracy.

The use of imported mechanical electrical components, brand-name pneumatic components, precise movement and durability.

The heating plate and the base workbench are cast aluminum pieces to ensure the hot stamping pressure and the uniformity of the hot stamping temperature.

Workbench paste high-performance imported elastic foam silicone, soft flat does not harden.

Use a single-sided double pull-out chassis.

Push-pull table, precision guide, the table is not deformed when pressed.







Heat transfer temperature time setting:

1. Sublimation Heat Transfer - Temperature: 220°C, time: 20 seconds

2. Film heat transfer - temperature: 160~180°C, time: 8~10 seconds

3. 3D heat transfer - temperature: 140~160°C,time: 5~8 seconds

4. Hot drilling - temperature: 180 °C, time: 10 ~ 12 seconds

5. Iron plate - Temperature: 180°C, Time: 30 seconds



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