SEN-A330  DTF Printer (All In One)


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SEN-A330  DTF Printer (All In One)

-Printer and powder shaker all in one
-Double i3200 head, High speed printing
-Printheads anti-collision protection
-Touch screen and PID precise temperature control

Hanrun Paper® SEN-A330  DTF Printer (All In One)

When DTF machines became more and more popular, we found that most powder shakers and printers were separated. We thought that this situation was not smart enough, so we developed SEN A330 all in one DTF printer. Both the printing process and the powder shaking process completed by one machine. Meanwhile, it has a touch-control screen and it's a very intelligent DTF printer, which means it will greatly improve the efficiency of the DTF printing.





  Name SEN-A330 all in one DTF printer
  Model SEN
  Available width ≤370mm
  Print media DTF  film
  Suitable for transfer media Nylon, chemical fiber, cotton, leather, swimsuit, diving suit, PVC, EVA .etc
  Print head 2 EPS i3200
  Print speed 6Pass(720*1800dpi): 9m²/H
8Pass(720*2400dpi): 7m²/H
  Platform suction Suction adjustable
  Powder control Powder shake control and amount control .etc
  Heat and dry function ①Front heat plate ②Conveyor belt transmission ③Rotating touch screen
④Two stage dryer ⑤Cold fans ⑥ Smart auto-take up system
  Print interface Optical fiber network port
  RIP software Maintop
  Operating system Windows 7, Windows 10
  Temperature and humidity 15 - 30℃, 35-65%
  Electrical parameters 220V , 20A. Rated power 4.5KW. Energy consumption: 2-4.3KW
  Size and weight Machine2100*1112*1209mm, N.W 320kg
Package2550*1130*1161mm, G.W 400kg


CE marking and 3 China national intellectual property patents




2 i3200 Printhead Extended Dryer Rotate Touch Screen Conveyor Belt



Double i3200 head, High speed printing Touch screen and PID precise temperature control
Two stage dryer high efficiency Japan THK silent rail
Easy to use, labor saving Printheads anti-collision protection
30cm suitable for A3/ A4 directly to film printing Auto-lifting ink station



Washing labels for garments

# Fashion clothes(most kinds of garments and no need to distinguish colors)

Personalized customization

# Customzied wood products 


Work Flow





Hanrun Paper DTF Series:

SEN-A100 VS PRO-A330
Model SEN A330 PRO A330
Ink cartridge 1L, larger capacity, no need to add ink frequently. CMYK 250ml/bottle, white ink 500ml/bottle.
System Maintop available, can use PritExp to print and control other basic operations. The ink consumption can be checked in the printing software directly. Maintop or PP software. Basic operations need be operated on the machine control panel.
Max printing media wide The maximum width is 400mm; a larger width film can be used. Maximum width 330mm.
Powder shaker control Touch screen control is more scientific and technological. Button control, easy to operate.
Printing efficiency Hansen board, more stable performance, faster printing speed. Senyang board, cost-effective and has balanced performance.
Max printing wide The printing width is 370mm, which can print larger and wider patterns. Printing width is 300mm.


Service included:

- Technical Training and guidance (Professional technical team support) Installation manual, video or Online support

- 1 Year warranty (See the full warranty details on our guarantee page and the DTF PRO terms and conditions.)

- Dealer/partner support

- Wearing parts package

- Free consumables sample package

Other materials you may need (need to be purchased separately):

Smoke purifier - (to keep the humidity above 40% in the print room) - recommended

DTF Inks (Basic: PRO-ink001)

DTF Film (Basic: PRO DTF Film 75u/100u single-sided/double-sided matte-glossy film)

DTF Powder (white powder, black powder)

- Windows 7 or higher Computer (PC) with an available USB port

Heat press machine for finishing (curing) the final print


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