Super A-600 DTF Printer
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Super A-600 DTF Printer

- 2/4 EPSON i3200
- CCD camera
- Automatic moisturizing

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DTF Printer

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Detailed Description

Super A-600 DTF Printer

Discover unparalleled efficiency and innovation with our Super A-600 DTF Printer, meticulously engineered to redefine your printing experience. Super A-600 DTF Printer is equipped with advanced features including a CCD Camera for automated nozzle detection and cleaning, our printer ensures optimal efficiency and minimizes scrap rates. Experience seamless operation with its installation-free design and intuitive touchscreen interface. Simplify waste management with the built-in ink storage system, and achieve precision printing with the tension unwinding system. Maximize performance and space efficiency with the built-in ink shaking system. Our DTF Printer offers exceptional results every time. Experience optimal efficiency and minimal scrap rates across a wide range of applications including textiles, garments, signage, custom apparel, promotional items, and more.




CCD Camera

The CCD function can automatically detect the current status of the nozzle, eliminating the need to manually detect the nozzle status. When the nozzle is disconnected, it is automatically cleaned to improve efficiency and further reduce the scrap rate.


Installation Free

This machine does not require complicated
installation operations and can be used directly
after plugging in the power supply.


Touch  Screen

All functions can be realized on the two screens in front of you, such as electric paper pressing, ink shortage alarm, lighting, front guide heating, CCD, automatic moisturizing, etc., making the machine more intelligent.


Automatic moisturizing

When the machine is not used for a long time after work or traveling far away, the automatic moisturizing function no longer requires the manual operation of squeezing in moisturizing liquid. Just click on automatic moisturizing on the machine, and the machine will automatically extract moisturizing liquid into the nozzle


Mirror Inspection For Printhead

The mirror inspection area is designated to include angled mirror inspection zones, facilitating observation of nozzle conditions, as well as conducting cleaning and maintenance tasks.


Security Protection System

When the machine encounters an obstacle during printing, the nozzle will stop working immediately. The machine will light up with a red light to remind you of the unsafe status.


Tension Unwinding System

The design and adjustment of the tension unwinding system are crucial to the normal operation and printing results of the printer. Especially for applications such as high-speed printing and large-format printing, tension control is indispensable.


Waste Ink Storage System

There are two waste ink barrels built under the machine to facilitate the storage and disposal of waste ink.




Super A-600 DTF Printer
  Model Super A-600 DTF Printer
  Printhead 2 EPSON i3200  4 EPSON i3200 
  Print Resolution/Speed 4pass(360*2400dpi): 16m2/h
6pass(360*3600dpi): 11m2/h
8pass(720*2400dpi): 8m2/h
4pass(360*2400dpi): 33m2/h
6pass(360*3600dpi): 22m2/h
8pass(720*2400dpi): 16m2/h
  Ink DTF pigment ink
  Three heating sections Pre-heater; Printing bed heater; Rear heater
  Printing media width DTF film 600mm
  RIP software Photoprint/Maintop/CADlink
  Language English
  Power 2.8kw
  Printer size 1827(L)*795(W)*1315(H)mm 
  Packing size 1900(L)*933(W)*1332(H)mm 320kg
  Working environment Temperature: 20-30℃, Humidity:45%-70%
  Functional item  Shake powder control/Powder  amount control/Temperature control
  Voltage AC110V / 220V  50HZ/60HZ



 Improve production efficiency
 i3200 printhead installation-free
 Nozzle compensation ensures perfect work
 Centralized joint control of multiple printers
 Convenient built-in air purification unit
 Stable and continuous mass production



DTF Application Hanrun Paper

Washing labels for garments

Fashion clothes(most kinds of garments and no need to distinguish colors)

Personalized customization




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DTF Film

DTF Powder 

Heat press machine

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