29Gsm Industrial Light Sublimation Paper
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29Gsm Industrial Light Sublimation Paper

- Suitable for industrial high speed printing
- Suitable for sublimation printer with 8 heads or more
- High and low density ink
- Good runability with large productivity

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Industrial Light Sublimation Paper

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low gram sublimation paper sublimation for MS Sublimation paper for Atexco Sublimation paper industrial sublimation paper sublimation printing


Detailed Description

Hanrun Paper® 29Gsm Industrial Light Sublimation Paper

Hanrun Paper® Industrial Light is a series that symbolize future trends. Hanrun paper R&D team has tested a new coating, low cost but high profit for light-colored pattern application. Due to the special coating and thinner base paper, the transfer speed will be twice as fast, and the transfer rate will be high, which means our Industrial Light sublimation paper can help you save time and maximize your productivity. In addition, It is perfectly suitable for industrial printers like MS, Atexco, Homer, high-speed printing sublimation printers with 6 heads or more.


Key Product Features

# Suitable for industrial high speed printing sublimation printer with 8 heads or more
# Highest transfer yield
# Good runability with large productivity
# Suitable for both high and low density inks



Industrial Light sublimation paper applications



Provide customized services and sample, if necessary, please contact us.

Jumbo roll/large format size acceptable.


Machine:Atexco Model X   Ink Load:200 ICC File:InkSub HR4C

Pressure:High Pressure    Temperature:210℃ Time:30S 


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