H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer
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H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer
H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer
H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer
H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer
H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer
  • H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer
  • H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer
  • H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer
  • H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer
  • H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer

H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer

- Print area of 600*900mm - Multifunctional flatbed printers contain many advanced functions
- High-precision vacuum flatbed and infrared ray automatic height detection
- Longer printing format, improve printing efficiency

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UV DTF Printer

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uv dtf multifunctional uv dtf flatbed printer dtf uv


Detailed Description

H-6090 Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer

The charming H-6090 UV Multi-functional flatbed printer can be used for not only single sheet film but also objects with non-flat surfaces, such as glass bottles, water cups, personalized mobile phone cases, gifts, promotional souvenirs, etc.



Aluminum Plate with Scale and Suction

Features a lightweight, durable honeycomb aluminum plate with an integrated scale for precise measurements and a suction mechanism to hold materials in place securely, enhancing print accuracy.

Infrared Height Measurement

The infrared height measurement system can measure object heights up to 18 centimeters, allowing for high-quality printing on objects of varying heights.

Printhead Heating

This ensures smooth and consistent ink flow, preventing clogging and ensuring high-quality prints. The heating mechanism allows for better control over the printing process and results in sharper images.

Dual Curing with Air Cooling and UV Lamp

The combination of these methods not only speeds up the curing process but also enhances energy efficiency. It ensures prints are cured thoroughly and quickly, reducing wait times and improving production efficiency.

Timed White Ink Stirring Function

Regular stirring prevents the white ink from settling and clogging the printhead, ensuring consistent print quality. It is especially important for maintaining the opacity and brightness of white prints.

Multifunctional Printing with Optional Attachments

The printer supports multifunctional printing capabilities, allowing for the addition of various attachments, can expand the range of materials and objects that can be printed on, making the printer versatile and adaptable to different printing needs.

Positioning System (Optional)

The optional positioning system helps in accurately aligning the materials to be printed, reduces material wastage, and ensures that designs are printed exactly where intended. It is particularly useful for complex and multi-step printing processes.

Low Ink Alarm

The low ink alarm feature alerts the user when the ink levels are running low. It helps prevent interruptions during the printing process, ensuring continuous operation and reducing downtime. It also aids in maintaining consistent print quality by ensuring that ink levels are adequately monitored.



# High-quality output, simple and efficient operation, multifunctional flatbed contains many advanced functions to complete high-quality printing jobs with simple operations.
# The overall printer cover can improve the operation safety, reduce the adhesion of dust in the printing process and ensure the printing quality.
# High-precision vacuum flatbed made of aluminum alloy with a turbofan installed below can fix the media firmly.
# Longer printing format, improve printing efficiency, broaden the choice of printing media


  Print Head H-6090 UV DTF Printer
  Printing heads 2 i1600u1/2 i3200 printhead
  Printing Area 600*900(mm)
  Acceptable Media Width<600mm
Thickness ≤180mm
  Ink Cartridges Capacity: Color Siphon + Regular Mixing of White lnk
Color: W+CMYK+Varnish
  Printing Resolution Maximum 2400 dpi
  Speed Finish printing a 600mm*900mm sheet in 10 mins
  lnk Curing Method Dual UV LED Lights
  Power 1300W
  Interface Gigabit Ethernet
  Power Supply AC 220V±5%,16A 50HZ±1
  Dimension(with stand) 61.88(w)*57.48(D)*38.97(H) in.    (1770(w)*1900(D)*1030(H)mm)
  Weight(with stand) 661 lb(340kg)
  Working environment

Power on

Temperature: 59°F to 90°F [15℃ to 32℃ ]
Humidity: 35 to 80% (no condensation)
Power off Temperature: 41°F to 104°F [15℃. to 40℃]
Humidity: 20 to 80%(no condensation)



Personalized products, wood, resin, plastic, ceramic, cell phone cases, leather, label, promotional souvenirs, PVC, etc.


Service included:

- Technical Training and guidance (Professional technical team support) Installation manual, video or Online support
- 6 months - 1 Year warranty (See the full warranty details on our guarantee page and the DTF PRO terms and conditions.)
- Dealer/partner support
- Wearing parts package

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