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PRO A-1200 DTF Printer (48" 4 Heads 9 Color Gradient color)

- 4 x Epson I3200 Printhead
- 1200mm/48" print width
- 9 color scheme
- Perfect for gradient color

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DTF Printer

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dtf printer dtf printer 1200mm dtf printer gradient color 9 color dtf printer large format dtf printer dtf espon 48 dtf printer

Detailed Description

Hanrun Paper® PRO A-1200 DTF Printer

Hanrun paper PRO A-1200 DTF large format DTF printer has upgraded a new color scheme: CMYK+W+LC/LM/LK/LLK 9-color scheme, a new color management system, which solves the problem of noise in printing light-colored patterns in the past. And the gradient area has better performance than before; the nozzle protection device can effectively protect the nozzle during the printing process and reduce the probability of physical damage. The width has also been upgraded, it's a machine which can print with the width of 1200mm/48 inches. At the same time, the new tension system can automatically roll the film to ensure the smoothness and stability of the film, and also reduce the probability of damage to the nozzle.



Dual Epson i3200 printheads

Printhead Protection Device, during the printing process, it can effectively protect the print head and reduce the physical damage.

Tension System

The newly designed tension system can effectively ensure the stability and smoothness of the film.

Color Management System

Four-nozzle nine-color scheme, gradient printing effect transitions naturally, and the printed colors are much more beautiful.

1200mm Printing Wide

1200 large wide-format machines print faster and have better results.



  Nozzle   EPSON I3200 4PCS
  Print Width   <1200mm/48" (inches)
  Application Media   DTF Film
  RIP Software   Maintop/PP
  Temperature/Humidity   20-30°C   45~70%
  Small coil core diameter / thickness   Inner diameter is 76mm and thickness is 8mm
  Power   400W
  Printing Speed

4 Pass: 30m2/h
6 Pass: 25m2/h

4 Pass: 15m2/h
6 Pass: 11m2/h
  Machine Size  L2460*W820mm*H1665mm
  Machine Weight   192kg
  Packing Size  L2635*W840*H750mm
  Packing Weight   250kg

*Now we are looking for DISTRIBUTORS over the world! If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact us for more details, and we could build a long-term win-win co-operation.


Factory Tour

DTF Factory Tour Hanrun Paper


In 2020, Hanrun paper noted that a new technology is gradually entering the environmentally friendly digital printing industry, which is what we call DTF. 
This is brand new technology, especially in an era where personalized personalization is more popular and people's needs for personalized personalization and self-expression are getting higher and higher.




Service included:

- Technical Training and guidance (Professional technical team support) Installation manual, video or Online support

- 6 months - 1 Year warranty (See the full warranty details on our guarantee page and the DTF PRO terms and conditions.)

- Dealer/partner support

- Wearing parts package

Other materials you may need (need to be purchased separately):

- Smoke purifier - (to keep the humidity above 40% in the print room) - recommended

- DTF Inks

- DTF Film

- DTF Powder (white powder, black powder)

- Windows 7 or higher Computer (PC) with an available USB port

- Heat press machine

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